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Packin’ out.

Wow, yes, this is a crazy time… Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week – even Sunday – have been an emotional roller coaster for me. Trouble sleeping, mind racing, stomach churning and then each day as the teams arrive to pack out the various shipments, I get to spend some time with funny, interesting, hard working people and I am recharged. Spending time alone has never been an issue for me, I don’t get bored or lonely but I do miss people. I’ve been missing my Fredericksburg work team – funny, interesting and hardworking people that they are ūüôā – since they were the people I’d see the most. A week ago today they joined me at the Service Awards breakfast and it really did feel like my family was there with me. Since my husband has been in Jordan since September we already have friends and coworkers to spend time with so I will ease right into that new group, I’m sure! I applied for a job at the Embassy too, so we shall see… who will be my new people?

Mummy man.

The mummies have caused quite a stir during this move, I was asked by the moving company if they were antiques during the pre pack-out survey a few weeks ago. LOL what the heck would I be doing with actual mummies in my house. I liked what one of my friends at work said “you should have told them there was a secret word that they cannot say in front of the mummies after midnight”. I was mindful to ask anyone who encountered the mummies this week if they were OK with them and everyone was.
One other stir that even I was freaked out by was on Tuesday when the team was here packing and wrapping everything and one of them said “is that a spider up there?” I stood on my tippietoes to look into a high cabinet and I did see partial legs as if a spider had maybe died up there? Once I showed my confusion the rest of the people in the house became concerned. I am the spider capturer (and sometimes killer if they are the big ones we get here in the woods, sorry big spiders I don’t like to kill anything) in my family I got on a chair and looked and reached in and picked up…


This spider LOL it still looked real after I got it down, I think Bobbi must have gotten it for my family one year for Halloween because she knows how much they are scared of spiders. It got me too and the three ladies packing up the house. It was funny, I wonder what insects I’ll see in Jordan. Of course my sisters have already asked what kinds of bugs are there; why am I the only one not afraid?

What I’m listening to: TV on The Radio – Happy Idiot. They are such an interesting band! But anyway, I’m feeling like that right now – the big big things are done, just have the little things to do. One week from today the girls and I will be on our way, and as anxious as I have been this week in particular – I am equally so excited. Not a big post this week, just wanted to get my feelings down since I was really feeling the stress but I’ve made it through and onto my next tasks. This is a great song too, (Trouble by TVOTR) the “everythings gonna be okay” line goes through my head every once in a while. Really, give TV on the Radio a listen they are just cool. Thank you for reading and keeping me company. bye for now.


Thank you for the snowstorm

I am definitely on my goodbye tour – since I last posted I have been to Long Island to see my family and was treated to a delicious dinner and the cutest cake! Don’t let the cuteness fool you, it was huge, SOLID to it’s core and delicious. I got to spend some nice time with my very first friend; my uncle who is 2 years older than me.¬†

My cake

My next stop was to NYC to visit with my friend from college who lives in CT and likes any reason to come back into the city, we went to the Howard Greenberg Gallery and checked out the Vivian Maier exhibit (as well as the stunning Anthropocene.) If you are a fan of street photographers you should check out Vivian, the story of the discovery of her work is so interesting РI highly recommend the documentary. Next visit was with my friend Рmy sis in law and her friend, we had a yummy lunch in Warrenton with pretty drinks. 

Pretty drink

Next stop and city – DC to see MY DC (3)TEAM and friends, it was funny to see people stop in their tracks and say “wait, didn’t you retire?” Great to catch up and to get to say goodbye to some of my favorites who weren’t in town for my ‘goodbye’ party, shake the hand of our Executive President who has been at the company for 57 years (to my 25) and pick up one last slug in the carpool. This post is dedicated to friends, ones that are in your family, those people that you meet and have an instant connection, those that build into friendships over time; it really doesn’t matter how it happens but the people in your life are what make your life what it is. I went to see a show (Soccer Mommy and they do a beautiful cover of Springsteen’s I’m on Fire btw) with my daughter, her friends, my friend and her daughter – we had so much fun with each other. Friends.¬†


What I’m doing: Tickets to Jordan = arranged! The girls and I will leave on December 27th and arrive on the 28th! The girls will come back to the states on January 10th! In between we’ve been told that the presence of our company is requested at the Red Sea! I can’t wait to see it and share it with you! Finn’s transport to Jordan = arranged! He will be staying behind because I misunderstood a requirement – thinking he only needed to have a current rabies vaccine, which he does have but it was administered 2 years ago and for Jordan he has to have one that was administered within the last year. So I got him a new shot, his microcip and he is going to stay at a ‘resort’ too and then join us on January 7th. House photographed for the rental listing = completed! Now to send it all to the company and get this house listed!


The snowstorm yesterday was a beautiful one with big fluffy flakes, a perfect snow to see me off to the Middle East where I don’t plan to see snow. ¬†That is until we travel to a European city this time next year to hopefully celebrate Christmas. I am thankful that I didn’t have anywhere to be and that I could get a lot of keep/donate/recycle of my daughters things completed. Most of the photos on my phone right now are of random things with texts to the girls asking “do you want this anymore?” Next up is to arrange to have our SUV shipped over and then plan for the pack-out of my house which is scheduled for the 17, 18 and 19th… NEXT WEEK! Ahhhh…. ¬†

What I’m listening to: XMU on Sirius XM. My fave DJ is Josiah Lambert (@josiahOnAir on Twitter) so I’m just waiting for his shift! So much music I’m loving lately, it keeps my mind distracted when I start to get overwhelmed, writing this blog post helped too – so thank you for being here to read it. I won’t wait so long next time… ¬†bye for now.