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#fbf (Flashback February): Akka/Akko/Acre and Haifa

Well what do you know? For our last winter in Jordan, which is typically cold and rainy in Amman, we were treated to a legit snowstorm! With the Embassy closed I decided to do a Flashback February post. I didn’t share these travel photos from February 15-16 of last year because once I got back from this trip I turned around a week later and went to Thailand – the world started to shut down shortly thereafter due to COVID-19.

February 2021: view from the kitchen sink last night as the snow started to fall!

So, how is it that I went to the seaside town of Akka? My friend Margaret wanted to visit the street that her husband’s family lived on in Haifa years ago and asked if anyone wanted to come along? Since I love a road trip, I said yes! Hope you enjoy the photos!

Driving through northern Jordan with a dog running along side the car.
Finally across the border.
Keeping my forever friend warm.
Church of St. John the Baptist
Standing on the walled city looking out over the Levantine Sea of the Mediterranean.
The little alley to our Airbnb.
Morning fisherman.
Strolling inside the walled city. There are tunnels beneath that I chose not to explore but Margaret, her daughter and her daughter’s friend did and said it was very cool!
The beautiful Mediterranean.

After exploring we hopped in the car and drove down the coast to Haifa. With an old address, we searched through neighborhoods for the house that Baba Johnny’s family lived in. We don’t know that we found the house, but we took a photo of Margaret and her daughter in front of it and we did for sure find their old school. All in all it was fun just driving around, talking and checking the area out.

View of Haifa, Haifa Bay and in the distance, Akka from Baha’i Gardens built on the side of Mount Carmel.
The Bahá’í Gardens were built for the shrines of the founders of the Bahá’í religion.
The shrine of the Bab.
Back from Haifa…Dinner time!
Beautiful Palestinian dresses.
Next morning, Margaret and I walked through a new little area of the walled city to get breakfast. So many beautiful little hidden sights.
We ate our breakfast sandwiches and drank our coffee on the roof of our Airbnb.
Beautiful shades of blue.
I loved seeing the girls running in the surf, made me miss miss miss my daughters.

Back to reality, I know many of my readers are in a snowstorm right now all around the world. I hope the photos warmed you up a little, that you are staying healthy, getting vaccinated and that we are all traveling again soon.

Bye for now!

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