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Springtime of 2021 in Jordan, lockdown Fridays and nighttime curfews.

Yes, this post is not current but it remains topical to me for a couple of reasons; 1. now there’s a third wave of COVID-19 restrictions happening around the world and 2. I am back in Jordan for a week after being gone for 5 months! Reviewing this July 2021 draft blog post from a hotel in Amman in December 2021 (3 years after I started my blog) solidifies for me that doing DiForYou was one of my proud accomplishments during a huge time of personal and professional growth in my life. Now onto some of the best and worst of Spring 2021 in Jordan. Some parts of the following post will be difficult for some readers as I talk about the loss of a beloved doggie. Some readers with diverticulitis might get sympathy pains, too. LOL. And away we go back in the time machine..

We began our final springtime in Jordan with a second wave of strict COVID-19 restrictions, our vaccinations, and our first visitor, Will. We had to be creative in our sightseeing because Friday lockdowns meant that we were not allowed out of our apartment from Thursdays at 7pm until Saturdays at 6am. It normally isn’t such a bad thing but when you want to share with someone a country as diverse and interesting as Jordan, it definitely hindered our ability to show off as much as we’d have liked to. Add to that the nightly curfew that began at 7pm, dining out for delicious Arabic cuisine was also impacted.

February 27,2021 ~ After COVID tests and quarantine were over, we took Will to the Amman Citadel and Roman Theater for his first outing. I love this photo he took of me and Mike under the gorgeous blue sky of Amman with the flag of Jordan flying over the Archeological Museum.

Look up!
Will in action. Please check out his film scans of his shots of Jordan Will’s FLICKR

Then to our very favorite place for a late breakfast/early lunch, Khashouka. I’ve linked to the trip advisor page, if you come to Amman you need to have breakfast here!

So yummy.

March 6, 2021 ~ Another Saturday another outing, this time to the north to Karak Castle, the visibility was amazing and we could see the snow capped mountain in Syria. From Wikipedia – Kerak Castle is a large Crusader castle located in al-Karak, Jordan. It is one of the largest crusader castles in the Levant. Construction of the castle began in the 1140s, under Pagan and Fulk, King of Jerusalem.

Keeping watch
Major zoom-in.

March 12, 2021 ~ trip to the Dead Sea. After a rainy night we got to see the sea muddied from the wadis up high that emptied in. It made the water discolored and choppy and not safe for floating but interesting, nonetheless.

Not a float, but still got to go in the Dead Sea. Mountains in Israel in the distance.
Will lives in NYC, he was a long way from home but fit as if he’d been in Jordan with us the whole time. ❤️
The sunsets here never fail.

March 13, 2021 ~ woke up to a beautiful day and a lovely drive over the mountains to get to Petra.

Beautiful salt flats along the Dead Sea highway en route to Petra.
😂 my discovery.
Will at The Treasury,
Repping my Alma Mater. (Longwood College in my day)
Catching a show at the theater.
I really love the tombs.
Up the TOMB(stones) for the Deceased fans 🤘🏻
Last look at the Treasury in the shade.


March 15, 2021 ~ I made a reference in an earlier post that our Boston Terrier, Finn had gotten sick. He was really sick off and on from late November until around mid January and then we were on pins and needles with him. To make a long story short (I’m going to do a full post about it because I want to help other pet parents by sharing my experience) He had pancreatitis, kidney disease and high blood pressure. Once he was out of the hospital we managed his conditions at home, our vet was amazed at our dedication. We were able to enjoy more time with the boy we love and he got to enjoy his amazing life until his last moments in the early hours of March 15th.

So much ❤️ in one photo. (April 2019) Finn and Big Gene with their friends in Jordan.

March 20-24, 2021 ~ As we were getting ready for another Saturday trip I told Mike I didn’t feel right. I took my temperature and had a low grade fever. Yeah, I’d been having an ache in my left side for a while at that point but with all going on with Finn I wasn’t taking the best care of myself it seems. I do have diverticulosis and now they were angry and turned into diverticulitis- which is painful and sometimes dangerous if infected. It was a good thing the embassy dr told me to go to the ER as I had a bad infection and had to be admitted to the hospital. So thankful for Mike, Will, the drs and nurses. I had a bit of a recovery to go through after that but I’m happy to say, I’m taking good care of myself and feeling great. But quite an experience to be hospitalized overseas.

March 27, 2021 ~ Another Saturday another amazing Jordanian site to show Will, this time it’s Jerash.

Will atop the theater stadium.

We did normal stuff during his visit, like work a lot – Will was an intern on a USAID school construction project while he was here, order take out, watch reality TV shows, make drinks and popcorn. Mike and I used the opportunity to have Will house/cat sit and we went to the Maldives. I’ll write another post about that trip later. ☺️

Will the intern!
Will the popcorn maker!

April 17, 2021 ~ I’m telling you, Wadi Rum is the reason to visit Jordan. It’s simply epic and different every time I’ve gone. This time was hazy and even more otherworldly, I’m so glad Will got to experience it! We drove down and back in a day, with our friend Jen along for the trip! Again, check out Will’s photos here sooo good. And yes, you did recognize Wadi Rum in the movie Dune! 😍

Mike and Jen having our Wadi lunch.
Our perfect host ❤️

April 21, 2021 ~ visit to the Embassy to round out Will’s trip and he left on the 22nd to return to the US and start the job hunt (he was successful, of course!) I know he loved Jordan as much as we did and is planning to come back (just as I did, I’m just grinning looking at Amman out my hotel window as I write)

A Smith tradition (when one of us remembers 😂) to get a Queen Alia airport goodbye shot.

Time to turn off Sirius XM Indie 1.0, mask up and head out into the gorgeous Amman day to see old friends. Thank you for sticking around during my writing hiatus. I have a lot to write about and will continue to do so… next on my list: the Maldives, Istanbul, Smith girls visit Jordan, leaving Jordan/returning to US, sister visits, DC with Michele, Rushmore Farm NY, and more. Bye for now.

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  1. Such a great post as always ❤️
    The photos are spectacular! And your stories document everything so perfectly. Plus, I love your special guest in this one. 😆

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